Architectural Cad Training

Architectural CADD courses include industry-specific CAD software that architects, engineers, and designers use to complete initial tasks such as building layouts, conceptual elements, component, and system designs, and completing complete design drawings.

Designers are able to examine the tolerances and weaknesses of the suggested construction and work on specific engineering aspects.

With the use of a new kind of CAD (computer-aided design) called building Information Modeling (BIM), architects may create a more intelligent, 3D model-based planning, designing, construction, and infrastructure management process.

Architectural CAD Courses at BALCCADD

As an approved training facility, Balc CADD provides courses in several combos and as a stand-alone foundation for various applications used in architectural design. Our architectural design courses include 2D CAD, AutoCAD 3D, Revit Architecture, Design Visualization Pro, and 3D Studio Max for Engineers/Architects. All of these are focused on practical application.


Civil engineers can work in government as well as private industries after learning CAD, which makes it simple for them to generate complex drawings and 2D and 3D renderings of structural elements like foundations and framework.

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Architectural CAD Software Training


  • Masters Diploma in
  • Architectural CADD      
  • Diploma in Architectural CADD 
  • ​AutoCAD 2d & 3d        
  • Rivet Architectural CAD      
  • 3ds Max    
  • 3D design | Projects
  • Stadd Pro
  • Primavera P6

2D and 3D Architectural CAD Training

Architectural CAD training course is designed to teach the necessary AutoCAD ® 2d and 3d drafting application essential for  the industry, particularly within the architectural/ engineering field. It will provide students with a full scope of the various AutoCAD ® applications, from introductory- to advanced-level knowledge, architectural drawing, 3D modelling, as well as drafting conventions and standards.