Facilities at BALC CADD Training Institute

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Amenities at BALC CADD training Institute

In today’s competitive world, it is important to be able to work with new tools and techniques that will help you grow your design business. This is why we at BALC CADD training centres in Bengaluru and across Karnataka offer wifi access, printing services, video conferencing facilities, 3D printing and so much more.

Why Engineers Choose BALC CADD Institute?

You’ll find it hard to beat the level of high-quality service we’re determined to provide for our students. We go that extra mile for you because we want you to succeed in your career too!

Top 5 Facilities at BALC CADD Institute

  • 3D Modelling & Motion Capture Lab
  • Multimedia Studio
  • Pro Tools Studio
  • AutoCAD Project Room
  • Wifi
  • Digital Library

What is a Multimedia Studio? – provides the facility for recording and production of audio, video, graphics and text to produce multimedia content that meets the needs of our students for their projects and presentations in a variety of formats (e.g., live streaming). The studio features high-end cameras, screens, microphones, editing software, etc…

2. 3D Printing Lab – You can find out more about what equipment we offer in our lab by visiting our

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